Defrax is a berlin team of talented characters

who happen to love creating smart ideas for you.

With 15 years of experience

we are best equipped in the IT and Design market

to support small and pendently companies.

Look perfect, work perfect. - That's what we strive for.

The interaction of all components is our strength.


Web design includes as a discipline of media design the visual, functional and structural design of websites on the Internet. In addition, the functions within the site and the user interactions. ...


The print design is the professional implementation of the requirements of the customer in the pressure range, for example, Brochures, business cards, ...


Domain (web address) and e-mail that today the most widely used communication channels. ...


A network is a combination of various technical, primarily independent electronic systems that allows communication between the individual systems to one another. ...

mobile app

Creating mobile applications for iOS, Android,
Windows mobile and web. ...

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